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Making New Ideas Profitable

Let's say you work for an innovating company. That's already a very good start. So coming up with new and wonderful ideas is not a challenge for you. Excellent!
But, will those ideas make you money?
Innovation is creating something new, of value.
Helping you bridge the gap between idea and profits is what we do.

Becoming More Innovative

Not every feature is innovative. Most are not.
Not every company innovates consistently, but in today's market innovation is a necessity.
Think of innovation as a growth engine. We can supply the lubrication and tuning to get it running smoothly.

Technology Scouting

Make or buy? It's an age-old question.
The answer, usually, is that in building innovative products some components you'll build in house, some will be brought in.
Finding the right partner, connecting, managing the introduction of new tech can be complex. We can help.



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+972 54 529-7500


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