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I'm betting here that you're not really interested in "leads."

You're interested in business.

"Leads" can be any number of things: an email address, a phone number, a "guy" that can put you in touch with someone important.

That's not what you need and it's not what I do.

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I generate business opportunities for you.

  • Over twenty years in hi-tech business development

  • Worked in nearly 70 countries in almost every continent

  • Have done business with literally hundreds of people just like the ones you need to meet

  • Trained as a qualitative market researcher. That only means that I'm good at getting people to talk, and I'm good at listening.

  • I eat, drink, breath innovation in all its aspects.

  • It certainly helps that I have a long record of doing this, opening doors, persuading executives abroad to listen to what we have to tell.​

  • It helps that I have a track record. For real, ask me to show you my numbers.

  • It helps that I ran my own start-up for over five years, so I know where you are, and that I've worked at large companies, so I know where you could be.

  • Finally, it helps that I have the academic background to top off all that experience (three degrees at last count, the last one a doctorate).

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Not Mick Jagger

Dr. Benjamin Levy

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Dr. Benjamin Levy

Please allow me to introduce myself

What you get

You get warm, carefully evaluated business opportunities.

By the time I give you a name, I've corresponded and talked to them about your company and your solution. They will have expressed interest and be open to having a frank discussion with you.​

With the right people.

You and I need to define, as clearly as possible, who is the right guy or the perfect gal for me to approach. It's easier to find the right person if I know what they look like.


On a regular basis.

Whatever works for you. I'm here to generate business for you and keep your sales team busy.

You get results, not bull droppings.

You will not get long lists of bad email addresses or phone numbers that won't be answered.

There's a lot of jargon around business development that tries to make it sound more complex than it really is.

There's MQL (marketing qualified lead) and then there's the SQL (sales qualified lead). These are not terms-of-art, they're jargon to give you a false sense of progress. These number reflect process, not results. I sell results.

I don't generate lists, leads, or drown you in babble. I generate business for you. Simple, really.

Yes, your success is my success.

You know what that means.

How I do what I do

Consistently, over time.

Let me make a big claim that I can back-up with evidence. If you and I can define the type of role that you need to reach to make your sale, I can find him or her for you. 

I've been developing the skills to talk with decision makers for over twenty years. It turns out that I'm good at it. We just chat and more often than not we find out what challenges they face and how they want to go about overcoming them.

I understand that email, messaging, LinkedIn, Xing, and snail-mailare tools to be used carefully.

Of course I use email. I also use LinkedIn (your company's included, by the way), and half-a-dozen other tools that you might or might not be familiar with. I also use the phone, how's that for old fashioned?

I'm very good at understanding your business and pitching it like it were my own.

Another big claim, I know. Ask people that have seen me work, please.  They'll tell you that not only I catch on quickly, I also make your message my own. And I'm very persuasive at it.

I've done it before and I can do it for you.

I'm effective because I've learned the ropes the hard way and because I don't skip steps.


Also, I don't "scale." I don't send out hundreds and thousands of emails at the time, I send a few and those few are personal, relevant, and effective.


How effective I hear you ask? Twice as effective as the industry standard. 

Finally, and this is central to how I do things, I don't overload on clients.

Sound good? Give me a call.