• Benjamin Levy

Bloody Marvellous

This should not come as a surprise, you need blood to stay alive. Normally this would not be a problem, you may have noticed. People do not—as a rule—spontaneously start losing blood left and right. That is true until you get into a traffic accident and spring a leak.

You could be forgiven in thinking that this really isn't that much of a problem. Given what most of us have seen on TV, emergency services will be en route in seconds, at the site in minutes, and they'll be able to start pumping replacement blood into you shortly thereafter.

The only problem with that scenario is that it simply is not true. Even if the EMTs roll within seconds and get to your leaky body within minutes, they do not carry blood. There are many reasons for them not carrying whole blood but trust me on this one for a minute. If you are counting on EMTs giving you a blood transfusion in the field, you will be disappointed. And dead. You will also be dead.


This is not really a post about blood, or EMTs. It is, however, a post about innovation and specifically about product leadership, the ability to do something new that could not be done before. Here's how this goes:

  • Blood spoils quickly in transit, so it must be chilled.

  • Given chilled blood to a patient will likely kill them, so that's out.

  • Warming up blood usually takes too bloody long.

  • Until now.

Enter QinFlow with a truly innovative product that gives EMTs the ability to carry chilled blood to the accident site and warm it quickly enough for a field transfusion that will save someone's life.

Check it out here.

Mind blown.

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